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AutoBotnet - The Game


  • Documentation can be found in doc.
    • See for REST API documentation
    • See for user scripting API documentation
    • See dev/ for dev notes and documentation


Design information and documents can be found in AutoBotnetDesign.


  • Install latest .NET Core tooling/sdk
    • Current tooling (at time of writing): v2.1.2
  • Clone the repository recursively (git clone --recursive
  • Open src/server in your editor (vscode recommended)
  • Restore dotnet dependencies: dotnet restore in src/server
  • Everything is preconfigured so you can get started right away, default keybindings are F5 to debug, Ctrl+Shift+B to build.
  • For script build, use ./script/ with development dependencies already installed. This is used in our CI pipeline.


Speercs.Server has full support for running in Docker. You will have to link in config files using Docker volumes.

Here is an example, running speercs in Docker using the development configuration file:

Building the Docker image

  • Use ./script/, it will build the image and auto-tag it with the commit hash.

Exporting the Docker image to a server

  • Use ./script/, it will write a 7z compressed Docker image to ./speercs-docker.tar.7z
  • Upload the image to the server and decompress, then import it with docker load -i ./speercs-docker.tar


  • docker run --name AutoBotnetLocalDev -p 5000:80 -v $(pwd)/src/server/Speercs.Server/speercs.json:/app/speercs.json speercs
    • This will forward speercs's port 80 to the local system's port 5000, and link the config file to /app/speercs.json.
    • If running on a server, you likely want to use -p to bind only to localhost, for reverse proxying.
    • Use docker create to create the container without starting it immediately.
  • docker start AutoBotnetLocalDev and docker stop AutoBotnetLocalDev to start/stop the container.

Useful Commands

  • Run server in development mode: dotnet run ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development


Copyright © 2017-2018 ALTiCU, The CookieEaters. All Rights Reserved.

The source code of AutoBotnet is licensed under the AGPLv3, which can be found in LICENSE.

Art and assets are licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0.

Additional information about credits and licensing is available in