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This project is created with the objective of using camera-based motion detection to capture pictures of birds at a window bird feeder. As configured, this code is meant to run on a raspberry pi using a pi camera in conjunction with the motion firmware.

Relevant Ports

Live Camera Stream: 8081

SSH: 8082

image of birb


Image Capture

Image Processing

Configuration Files

Configuration files are stored in the /home/pi/config folder.

  • motion.conf - Used to configure the motion service for image capture
  • crontab.conf - Used to configure the crontab service for scheduled function calls. To save changes, run crontab /home/pi/config/crontab.conf after editing.


Scripts are stored in the /home/pi/scripts folder.

  • - Bash script used to set camera parameters and start the motion service. Scheduled to run on boot using the parameters in crontab.conf.
  • - Python 3 script that processes the .jpeg images generated by the motion service during the daytime. Batches .jpeg images into GIFs using the ImageMagick service, and does stuff with them. Scheduled to run daily at night time, when birds are usually not being detected.


Folder Structure

  • images/ contains disk images for setting up the raspberry pi
  • src/ contains scripts that will be put into the /home folder on the pi
    • src/pi/config contains configuration files for Motion
    • src/pi/motion_files is the directory on the pi where captured images will be uploaded
    • src/pi/scripts is the directory used for storing startup scripts, automated posting scripts, etc

Detailed Setup

The following details document steps that were done during the creation of birdcam, for those wishing to configure a similar project on their own.

Set up SSH over USB

Follow these steps to enable SSHing into the pi over a USB connection.

Setting Raspberry Pi System Time

SSH into the pi and run sudo raspi-config. Select Localization > Time Zone and update the current time zone of the device. If the device is connected to the internet, the system time will update automatically.

Configuring Motion

Motion can be configured using its config file, which has been symlinked from its normal home at etc/motion/motion.conf to the /home/pi/config folder in the system images on this repository. The config files included in this repository have been modified to expose a camera stream from the pi, mask out the top half of the frame (to ignore trees / shadows / etc for motion detection), capture images at a high frame rate when motion is detected, and more. The full list of confiurable parameters can be found on the Motion reference.

Setting Up Motion with Crontab

The motion service needs to be configured to start every time the raspberry pi boots up. The file in /home/pi/scripts should be set up to run on boot.

SSH into the pi and run the following command: sudo crontab -e. This will bring up the configuration file for the crontab service, which can be used to run files at specific time intervals on the pi.

Using the built-in text editor, append the following line to the end of the crontab file: @reboot sh /home/pi/scripts/ > /var/log/startup.log. This will run the file as a shell script, and will output any dialog to /var/log/startup.log on the pi. If you have issues with the motion service, check this log file for errors.


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