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@devries devries released this Jul 15, 2015

This release contains the following updates:

  • The section of the README discussing old wire arrangements has been removed.
  • A new example, the PixelStepper, has been included which makes effective use of the developer shield.
Assets 3
Jan 2, 2012


Added developer shield support, a color designer that uses the develo…
…per shield, the blinky example, and a sketch to control the arduino through a serial connection.
Dec 11, 2011


Modified the extensions of the example sketches to end in .ino and mo…
…dified includes so that the library will include Arduino.h instead of WProgram.h for version 1.0 or later of the arduino software.

rename : examples/fire/fire.pde => examples/fire/fire.ino
rename : examples/rainbow/rainbow.pde => examples/rainbow/rainbow.ino
Aug 16, 2011


Added brief installation instructions for the Arduino library.
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