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CodeCat - Tool to help in static code analysis

CodeCat is an open-source tool to help you find/track user input sinks and security bugs using static code analysis. These points follow regex rules.

Current rules for C,C++,GO,Python,javascript,Swift,PHP,Ruby,ASP,Kotlin,Dart and Java. Yes, you can create your rules and manage each resource.



  • Recursive code search by custom rules following Regex
  • Syntax Highlight in code view
  • Search system using data tables, fantastic resource!
  • System to manage rules
  • Resource to upload project
  • Authentication system
  • Resource to control users
  • Resource to control access in HTTP following allow list by IP address
  • Application following security practices of OWASP

How too install, step by step:

Go to CodeCat directory, install backend and frontend libs:

$ apt install python3-venv python3-dev libffi-dev rustc libssl-dev
$ python3 -m venv .venv
$ . .venv/bin/activate
$ pip install wheel
$ pip install -r Frontend/requirements.txt
$ pip install -r Backend/requirements.txt

Set env vars (use a proper vault to save that resource)

$ export CODECAT_APPKEY="Dyland0Gc0m1C"
$ export CODECAT_SECRET="M4rt1nMyster3c0m1C"
$ export CODECAT_CSRF_KEY="y0ur SEcr3t K3y h3RE"

Run backend and frontend:

$ cd Codecat
$ cd Frontend; python3 &
$ cd ..
$ cd Backend; python3 &

Next step you need save your user to login:

$ curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"email":"","username":"admin","password":"rubrik123"}' -k

These endpoint /API/users run only once in the first deployment. If you try to send a request again to insert a user, the endpoint return 404 is security to block resources of possible attacks.

Go to the following "". Now you can enter this system-auth, use login "admin", pass "rubrik123".

Note About TLS: You can configure and load your TLS cert in "".

You can insert IP address in allow list to control access in HTTPd and Rest API:

$ cat Frontend/application/allow_list/addr.txt
$ cat Backend/application/allow_list/addr.txt


Suppose you need to run in production. So I recommend another way.

$ gunicorn -b wsgi:app

If you want, you can use TLS with CERT resources:

$ gunicorn --certfile=server.crt --keyfile=server.key -b wsgi:app

The same command to frontend, but you need to use port 50093.

How can you use it?

Please study the doc.

So any questions, create an issue, and I can try to help you.


The purpose of this tool is to use in code review, take attention if you have a proper authorization before to use that. I do not have responsibility for your actions. You can use a hammer to construct a house or destroy it, choose the law path, don't be a bad guy, remember.

Developed by: Antonio Costa -