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Just another manual code analysis tool and static analysis tool Alt text Codewarrior runs at HTTPd with TLS, uses KISS principle(

Video demo:


web/ = local of javascripts and html and css sources

src/ = C source code, this code talking with web socket

eggs/ = external modules to search codes using regex

conf/whitelist.conf = list of IPs that have access in HTTPd server

bin/ = file to execute...

doc/ = at construction...

Don't need install, just compile and run, don't have external libs... runs at Linux, BSD and MacOS.

  • git clone ttps://; cd codewarrior
  • $ make
  • $ cd cert; openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout privateKey.key -out certificate.crt
  • $ cat certificate.crt privateKey.key > certkey.pem
  • $ cd ..
  • $ /bin/warrior

Open browser at https://localhost:1345/index.html


  • if screen stock you reflesh browser with F5...
  • If return error, port already in use... close it with...
  • $ fuser -k -n tcp 1345
  • If you want use at network, Whitelist to access server you can edit at "config/whitelist.conf".

#Tested at path:


  • if you want change cert "cert/certpem.pem" generate with openssl cartificate and key and concatenate both...
  • all html code and web sockets + javascript code you can view at path "web/"
  • if you change the default port you need edit port in web/ at web sockets connection.


  • Add external Automatons for each language case
  • Add load module with dlopen()
  • Add ReDOS validator at regex calls
  • Machine learning so try use bag of Words with KNN

Author: CoolerVoid

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