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Ultimate++ CMakeLists generator is the bash script library for generating CMakeLists.txt files (configuration files used by CMake) of the Ultimate++ projects. How to use this library is shown in the script example section.

CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test and package software. CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files, and generate native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice.

Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmers productivity. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc.), and an integrated development environment.

This script library was created based on discussion CMake support on the Ultimate++ forum.

Supported features

  • New Core with C++14 build (require GCC 4.9+)
  • Release or debug build
  • Binary resource support (BINARY, BINARY_MASK, BINARY_ARRAY)
  • Cross compile support (require MINGW GCC 4.9+)
  • (MSYS2) MINGW support
  • Generated CMakeLists.txt files can be used to create a MS Visual C++ project
  • Generated CMakeLists.txt files are generated only for dependent modules of the processed Ultimate++ project
  • Create a distribution package
  • Build shared libraries as the target (DLL, SO)
  • Precompiled headers (PCH) (for GCC 4.9+, Clang 3.5+)
  • Batch processing support
  • import.ext file support

UPP package sections

UPP package format is described at Ultimate++ documentation page. Each section of .upp file begins with a keyword and ends with semicolon. The recognized section keywords are:

  • custom
  • file
  • flags
  • include
  • library
  • static_library
  • link
  • options
  • target
  • uses
  • pkg_config
  • acceptflags (ignored in CMakeLists generator)
  • mainconfig (ignored in CMakeLists generator)
  • charset (ignored in CMakeLists generator)
  • description (ignored in CMakeLists generator)
  • optimize_size (ignored in CMakeLists generator)
  • optimize_speed (ignored in CMakeLists generator)
  • noblitz (ignored in CMakeLists generator)


Some section options are not taken into account when generate CMakeLists:

  • file - only options relevant to build are mentioned
    • options
    • depends
    • optimize_speed (ignored)
    • optimize_size (ignored)
  • include - all include directories are processed as a relative path
  • static_library - library is considered as a normal library
  • target - only main target is renamed

Script library parameters

Using of the script library is demonstrated in the, where you should change the variables described below in the text.

Main configuration parameters

  • UPP_SRC_DIR - directory path of the Ultimate++ source tree
  • PROJECT_NAME - full path to the ultimate++ project file
  • PROJECT_FLAGS - project build and configuration flags

Optional configuration parameters

  • PROJECT_EXTRA_COMPILE_FLAGS - extra compile flags

  • PROJECT_EXTRA_LINK_FLAGS - extra link flags

  • PROJECT_EXTRA_INCLUDE_DIR - extra directory path which will be added as a system include path

  • GENERATE_VERBOSE - set to "1" - enable additional output during script processing on the screen

  • GENERATE_DEBUG - set to "1" - enable debug output during script processing on the screen

  • GENERATE_PACKAGE- set to "1" - create a tarball package of the project

  • GENERATE_NOT_Cxx - set to "1" - do not use compiler -std=c++14 parameter (compiler parameter is enabled as default)

  • GENERATE_NOT_PARALLEL - set to "1" - do not build with multiple processes (multiple process build is enabled as default)

  • GENERATE_NOT_PCH - set to "1" - do not build with precompiled headers support (precompiled headers support is enabled as default)

  • GENERATE_NOT_REMOVE_UNUSED_CODE - set to "1" - do not use compile and link parameters to remove unused code and functions (unused code and functions are removed as default)

  • CMAKE_VERBOSE_OVERWRITE="0" - set to "0" - do not generate cmake verbose makefile output (even when the debug flag is set)

  • CMAKE_VERBOSE_OVERWRITE="1" - set to "1" - always generate cmake verbose makefile output


Parameters of the "generate_main_cmake_file" function are

generate_main_cmake_file <${PROJECT_NAME}> [${PROJECT_FLAGS}]



source ./

GENERATE_VERBOSE="1"        # set to "1" - enable additional output during script processing on the screen
GENERATE_DEBUG="1"          # set to "1" - enable debug output during script processing on the screen
GENERATE_PACKAGE="1"        # set to "1" - create a tarball package of the project


generate_main_cmake_file "${PROJECT_NAME}" "${PROJECT_FLAGS}"


  • Support of the precompiled headers (PCH) for MSVC


  • Resolve problem to build DLL,SO as target with flagPCH (The problem disappeared after refactoring of the PCH code.)

CMake additional options

These options enhance the CMakeLists.txt configuration file with additional functionality and they are not a part of the Ultimate++ build system.


When this option is set ON binaries are built with removed unused code and functions.

Example: cmake -DREMOVE_UNUSED_CODE=OFF ..

Note: Default can be changed by the script library configuration parameter GENERATE_NOT_REMOVE_UNUSED_CODE.


Enable static code analysis with include-what-you-use.



Enable static code analysis with Cppcheck.

Example: cmake -DENABLE_CPPCHECK=ON ..


Enable static code analysis with clang-tidy is run together with the compiler. The clang-tidy checks should be defined in the 'Checks' option in the .clang-tidy file.

Example: cmake -DENABLE_CLANG_TIDY=ON ..

Ultimate++ build and configuration flags

Build and configuration flags, that are taken into account by CMake. They can be specified in the variable PROJECT_FLAGS in the script library (use flag prefix e.g. -DflagMT).

  • yes - the flag changes / specifies the behavior of the CMake
  • set - the flag is set automatically by the CMake
  • 'empty' - the flag is not used by the CMake and is only promoted further

CMake sets and using new flags (can be disabled by the script library configuration parameters)

  • flagGNUC14 - set compiler flag -std=c++14
  • flagMP - enable multiple process build (MSVC)
  • flagPCH - use precompiled headers during build (only GCC and Clang are supported now)

Main configuration flags

Flag Supported Description
MT yes Build multi-threaded application.
GUI Build GUI application.
DLL yes Target is .dll/.so.

Output method flags

Flag Supported Description
DEBUG yes Target is to be linked with debug version of libraries.
DEBUG_MINIMAL yes Minimal debug information - depends on actual builder, usually it should provide line numbers information to debugger.
DEBUG_FULL yes Full debug info.
SHARED yes Prefer dynamic libraries when linking.
SO yes Link non-main packages as shared libraries (.dll/.so). Implies SHARED.
BLITZ Use blitz build.

Platform flags

Flag Supported Description
WIN32 set Win32
POSIX set Anything else then WIN32
LINUX set Linux
SOLARIS set Solaris
OSX set Darwin
DRAGONFLY set DragonFly
ANDROID set Android

Flags determining the builder (supplied by builder method)

Flag Supported Description
MSC71(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1
MSC8(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0
MSC9(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0
MSC10(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 10.0
MSC11(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 11.0
MSC12(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 12.0
MSC14(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0
MSC15(X64) set Microsoft Visual C++ 15.0
MSC17(X64) yes Microsoft Visual C++ 17.0
MSC19(X64) yes Microsoft Visual C++ 19.0
GCC set GCC compiler in implicit mode (32 or 64).
GCC32 yes GCC compiler in 32-bit mode.
EVC_ARM Microsoft WinCE C++ ARM complier.
EVC_MIPS Microsoft WinCE C++ MIPS complier.
EVC_SH3 Microsoft WinCE C++ SH3 complier.
EVC_SH4 Microsoft WinCE C++ SH4 complier.
INTEL set Intel C++.

Other flags (must be set by user)

Flag Supported Description
X11 On POSIX systems turns on X11 backend.
NOGTK On POSIX systems turns on X11 backend and prevents linking against GTK libraries.
NONAMESPACE Create all U++ classes in global namespace instead of Upp::.
USEMALLOC Use malloc to allocate memory instead of U++ allocator.
NOAPPSQL Do not create global SQL/SQLR instances.
NOMYSQL Disable MySql package.
NOPOSTGRESQL Disable PostgreSQL package.


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