Decrypt files created by OTP Auth
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This tool allows for decrypting the encrypted backups/account files created by OTP Auth for iOS.

If you find problems with the file format (in particular security related issues), do not hesitate and file an issue.



git clone
cd decrypt-otpauth-files
pipenv install
# Decrypt a full backup file
pipenv run python decrypt_backup --encrypted-otpauth-backup <path to your OTP Auth backup>
# Decrypt a single account export
pipenv run python decrypt_account --encrypted-otpauth-account <path to your OTP Auth account>


The project contains two OTP Auth exports for demo purposes:

  • backup.otpauthdb: A complete OTP Auth backup
  • account.otpauth: One account exported by OTP Auth

The password for both files is abc123.

example gif


Inspired by ewdurbin and his evacuate_2STP repo.