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A simple tool for editing a large number of OBO Foundry ontology classes (labels and definitions) at once and merging changes back into the owl file
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Mass Update Tools

This is a set of command line tools designed to extract terms and definitions from an .owl file into a .csv using Python 3. The .csv file can be imported into a common application such as MS Excel in order to make changes to the content. Once changes have been made the OWL file can be updated for all terms that were changed. This is helpful for teams that want to make significant content changes to terms and definitions at once. The primary reason for including these is that they were used to revise content in ico.owl during the summer of 2018.

This tool takes one .owl file command line argument. It produces a .csv file with terms and definitions in the following format:

PURL,Term Label,Definition

This tool takes one .owl file and one .csv command line argument. It is expected that the .csv file is in exactly the same format as the output from It compares the 'PURLS' in the .csv to the existing content in the .owl file and creates an updated .owl file and and revisions file to compare and document the changes.

A tool to update purls dynamically in an owl file (create new copy) given a text file input of purls.

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