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Welcome to the Cooperate wiki!

This wiki documents the ongoing development in the Cooperate Modeling Environment:


Seamless cooperation is a special challenge for the development of an accessible environment for Diversity Teams. Cooperation tools must update representations correctly and immediately between team members. The meaning and structure need to be consistent both in graphical and textual representations. Tools should support users in the creation of models actively with tips and auto-completion on the one hand and passively with an appropriate output of error messages on the other hand. Currently, there is no integrated solution with these characteristics.

Aim of the project

The lack of accessible models in software development complicates the cooperation in so-called Diversity Teams which are teams that consist of people with and without visual impairment. The goal of Cooperate is to develop a cooperation tool for Diversity Teams. Our target audience are developers of IT systems, software enigneers and instructors for IT professionals with visual impairment.

Our approach

During the development of the cooperation tool, existing technical working aids for graphical and textual architecture description languages are developed further to allow a barrier-free and seamless collaboration between people with and without visual impairment. In addition to the development of appropriate representations and editors for team members, training materials will be designed to facilitate working within a collaborative modeling environment.

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