A customized pelican theme for my blog(coorfun.com).
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I made this Pelican theme specially for my own Blog. If you want to use or modify, do not be hestitated to fork to your repository.

Features (Planning)

  • Extreme simple and clean theme
  • Support profile photo
  • Support Disque comment
  • Duel navigation bars

Social icons

Set your configuration in the pelicanconfig.py file.

Please note that all the social media name must be in lower case.

An example:

(('github', 'https://github.com/xxx/'),
('weibo', 'http://weibo.com/xxx/'),
('instagram', 'https://www.instagram.com/xxx/'))

Developping Diary

Main goals left

  • add links for friends

2017, 3, 20

  • Disque comment function.
  • Statistic of comments.

2017, 3, 19

  • Statistic of articles.

2017, 3, 18

  • Add style for mardkwon contents.
  • Small bug when picture width is bigger than 760px.(Fixed)

2017, 3, 17

  • Finished test article

2017, 3, 16

  • Wrote the test article - Pelican tutorial.

2017, 3, 15

  • Add "Microsoft Yahei" font for windows, "PingFang SC" for Mac.

PS: font-family: "Arial", "Microsoft YaHei", "黑体", "宋体", sans-serif;

2017, 3, 14

  • Dynamic navigation.
  • Dynamic social icons.

PS: Icons from Font Awsome.

2017, 3, 13

  • Modified color.
  • Embedded Python code.
  • Tested by Pelican tools.

2017, 3, 12

  • Transfered the layout hand draft into HTML&CSS code.
  • Finished the basic framework(base.html).

PS: Used https://shields.io/ tools to generate some badges shown in the footer part.

2017, 3, 11

  • Read the documents from Pelican and Jinja.
  • Understanded the basic theme template from 'Simple' theme provided by Pelican.
  • Set up the directory of Git.