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Coorpacademy mobile app


Please follow this step by step guide.


Code signing

For iOS debug builds, you need to use yarn pull:certificate:ios. If you need more informations, you can read the Match guide.

(facultative) For Android release builds (production mode), you need to use yarn pull:certificate:android command.

First run on iOS
yarn generate:bundle:ios
yarn start:ios
First run on Android

For Android, you may need to allow your emulator to connect to your packager:

adb reverse tcp:7007 tcp:7007
yarn generate:bundle:android
yarn start:android
Daily usage
yarn start[:clean] // clean is optional, it resets the cache

And open your previous app bundle in your Simulator.

This will just run react-native development background task.

Working with local player-services, player-store

When you work on the deps, you need to transpile your sources:

> [player-services]: npm run build:commonjs
> [player-store]: npm run build:commonjs

Then you need to somehow link the store/lib and services/lib in your mobile/node_modules.

Since yarn link does not work properly with metro, this script may help you with this tooling: scripts/


Stop the packager if it is running, and launch the storybook packager:

yarn start:storybook

You will also need to launch your Android emulator/iOS simulator to view your stories.

You can control the selected story in your browser running: yarn storybook && opn https://localhost:7007

Note: This command will automatically indexes all the stories in stories.js files.


To emulate deeplinks, you can run the following commands:


xcrun simctl openurl booted coorpacademyapp://<YOUR_ROUTE>


adb shell am start -W -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d coorpacademyapp://<YOUR_ROUTE>


In this section you can find all informations about Firebase parts (Analytics, Dynamic Links, etc) used by the app.


In this section you can find all common issues and how we can resolve those.


React Native is a pain to upgrade, the following tips can help you.


Feel free to contribute :) but don't forget to run tests before.

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