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#package.xml file is recreated on the fly by Copado, no need to track unnecessary changes of this file
#Managed packages can trigger the installation or uninstallation of applications, it is
#recommended to manage this outside git
#if you are not customizing a managed package, you can keep your repository clean by ignoring
#all files for that package. For example, to ignore all files of the "Copado" managed package
#just add to your gitignore file the following text: *copado__*
#if you will be customizing managed packages, make sure that the same version of the package
#is installed on all your environments so that deployments will only update existing
#managed components. Creation of managed components is not permitted by the API.
#It is recommended that you ignore managed components that cannot be modified
#since there is no need to track them in Git, like for example:
#Translations are complex since get updated indirectly across multiple files, they can make a deployment fail
#if a field is translated in source and it doesn't exist on destination.
#If you are committing incrementally new fields and new Translations you can track them in Git, just be careful.
#If you choose to ignore them in Git, you can always create a deployment with the Copado Deployer "Translation" Step.
# translations/*
# objectTranslations/*
#Sites which has Domain mapping has environment specific information.
#Make sure you setup Copado Environment Variables to make sites config files environment agnostic.
#Until the above is achieved, you can ignore them as follows
# sites/*
# siteDotComSites/*