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  1. PHP-CPP Public

    Library to build PHP extensions with C++

    C++ 1.3k 312

  2. AMQP-CPP Public

    C++ library for asynchronous non-blocking communication with RabbitMQ

    C++ 693 297

  3. C++ event loop library. Wrapper around libev that utilizes lambda's and callback functions to notify you when filedescriptors become active and/or timers expire.

    C++ 135 38

  4. PHP-JS Public

    A library to integrate the Google V8 Javascript Engine in PHP

    C++ 103 22

  5. The PHP-CPP library for PHP 5.*

    C++ 29 22

  6. Event loop library for PHP implemented in C++. Support for asynchronous non-blocking sockets, DNS lookups and database connections

    C++ 24 6


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