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MailerQ can personalize email messages on the fly. If you add an extra "data" property to the input JSON, MailerQ treats the subject line and the text and HTML versions of your mime messages as templates, and replaces all variables in them with the values from the JSON "data" property. You can use these values in the "from" and "to" address too.

    "recipient": "",
    "mime": "....",
    "data": {
        "ourname": "The MailerQ test team",
        "name": "John Doe",
        "age": 33,
        "job": "programmer",
        "children": [
            "Peter", "Angela", "Brandon"

If you use the above JSON data for your mail, you can use inside the "from" and "to" address, the subject line, and inside the text and HTML versions of your email these variables.

From: {$ourname} <>
To: {$name} <{$recipient}>
Subject: Hello {$name}!
Content-Type: text/plain

Hi {$name},

Your age is {$age}, and your job is {$job}.



If you had used the above MIME as input, MailerQ would replace the variables in the "from", and "to" address, the subject line and the text and HTML versions. For ease of use the "envelope" and "recipient" are already extracted from the mail for you. In case you don't want to personalize at all because your body has to contain {$name} for example, you can disable personalizing by omitting the data property entirely.

Read our programming page if you want to know more about how to use the personalization capabilities.

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