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Data object: profile

In the data-script object you can access information about any profile. From a profile object you request and edit the information of the current profile. To request a profile object please see the documentation on the copernica object.

You can edit the variable and its available properties from Javascript code or with the stack icon when a profile is selected under the Database & Profiles tab.

Available properties

  • ID: The ID of the profile (Read-only)
  • secret: The secret code of the profile. Same as code (Read and write)
  • code: The secret code of the profile. Same as secret (Read and write)
  • extra: The extra data (Read and write)
  • created: Timestamp of profile creation (Read-only)
  • removed: Timestamp of profile removal (Read-only)
  • unsubscribed: A boolean value whether the profile is explicitly unsubscribed (Read-only)
  • database: An object that gives access to the database that hold the profile (Read-only)
  • fields: All fields of the profile, accessible by name (read/write). Can be used like "profile.fields.testfield = 'newval';" (write) or "var testval = profile.fields.testfield;" (read).
  • interests: All interests of the profile, accessible by name (read/write). Can be used like "profile.interests.testinterest = true;" (write) or "var testval = profile.interests.testinterest;" (read).
  • data: See the documentation on the data object

Available methods

  • remove(): Remove this profile from the database
  • unsubscribe(): Unsubscribe this profile
  • createSubProfile(collection): Create a new subprofile in the specified collection, returns the newly created subprofile;
  • subProfiles(collection (optional)): Retrieve all subprofiles for this profile, optionally specify a collection.


The following example in javascript can be used to access the "age" field of a profile.

var profileAge = profile.fields.age;

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