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The Publisher Follow-up manager

The Follow-Up Manager within the Publisher provides a handy overview of all follow-ups that are linked to a database, document, form or survey. Also, from here you manage all follow-ups. You can create new follow-ups and edit or remove existing follow-ups.

Image: database with multiple collections and their follow-ups.

The Follow-Up Manager is located behind an additional tab at the database, form, document, or survey.

Image: This database has two follow-ups. When a new profile is created, an email will be sent to the profile. The other follow-up removes the profile entirely, 5 days after the a profile opted out.*

Create new follow-ups

You can make a new follow-up from the database, collection, document, form or survey menu. You will see a menu where you can choose a trigger and an action.

Existing follow-ups can also be edited by clicking on them.


Database Collection
Profile created Subprofile created
Profile modified Subprofile modified
Profile created or modified Subprofile created or modified
Subprofiel removed
Document Survey Webform
Document sent Survey sent Form submitted
Error registered Specific answer given New (sub)profile
Impression registered (Sub)profile found
Click registered


A follow-up can execute the following actions:

  • Send a Publisher document
  • Send a Marketing Suite template
  • Send a PDF document as fax
  • Send a styled SMS
  • send a text mail
  • Send an SMS
  • Create an action point
  • Create a new (sub) profile
  • Change (sub)profile data
  • Delete the data of the addressee

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