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Personalization functions: fetch

Fetch can be used to retrieve files from a local system, http or ftp. You can then display these contents.

  • http: URLs starting with "http://" will cause the website to be fetched and displayed.
  • ftp: URLs starting with "ftp://" will cause the file to be downloaded from the server and displayed.
  • local: Full system file path or path relative to the PHP script will be fetched and displayed.

The function itself has a name variable which is required and an assign you can use to store a website in a variable instead of displaying it.


Using the following code you can add information from a website, for example the weather:

{fetch file=""}

Or you can put them in a variable to apply your own divs.

{fetch file="" assign='weather'}
{if $weather ne ''}
  <div id="weather">{$weather}</div>

Please note that this example also uses the if function.
You can also download from an FTP server. This example also nicely demonstrates how to use variables in the link.

{fetch file="ftp://`$user`:`$password`@`$server`/`$path`"}

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