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The Copernica server save information about your mailings and your users. This information can be displayed in the Publisher or Marketing Suite application. Examples of statistics are the number of opens from your mailing and how many new profiles were created. You can export statistics in Publisher or export with the REST API.

Individual mailing/template statistics

Under the E-mailings menu you can find your templates and documents, which have their own statistics. From here you can access a complete report about your mailing or all mailings for a template.

Mobile mailings

It's possible to send text messages via Copernica software, but the only available information here is whether or not these messages have arrived. This article contains more information about the limited statistics of the mobile mailing.

Account mailing statistics

To keep track of the total of all mailings from your account you can view the overall statistics of your mailing. This article explains the overall mailing statistics.

Account statistics

The account statistics provide information about the usage of the account. This article explains more about the account statistics. It is not possible to export this information currently.

Webpage statistics

If you have a Copernica webpage the behaviour is tracked automatically. To learn more about these statistics you can read the article about it here

Key figures over a period of time

Many of the statistics contain key figures. They may provide more insight into the results of a single mailing, multiple mailings over a time span or the results of all mailings for a template. These key figures also include the click-through rate.

Share statistics

With Marketing Suite you can share the results of your emailing campaigns with colleagues, friends, or anyone else that you would like to inform about your recent online marketing successes, without needing to give them login credentials. See this article on sharing statistics.

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