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In the (new) Marketing Suite and the (old) Publisher templates are used, which are then used to make beautiful email documents. Please note that both systems have a very different way of creating these, however. We recommend the new Marketing Suite to new users, as it is very user-friendly. We will discuss the creation of templates in both environments in this article.

Marketing Suite

Within the Marketing Suite there are two ways to create e-mailtemplates: Using the drag-and-drop editor and with the HTML editor. The drag-and-drop editor is extremely easy to use and allows you to drop content blocks straight into your email, including images, text and buttons.

If you need more freedom in designing your emails you can also use the HTML template editor, which requires knowledge of composing HTML documents. To help you make the email look good on every device and client the CSS is automatically inlinized.

Another useful tool in the Marketing Suite is the Follow-up Manager. This tool can be used to customize fully automated campaigns that will start when elements in your emails are clicked. If you would like to read the full documentation about the template editor's functionalities you can read more in the following article:


The Publisher uses a different approach to create beautiful responsive templates. The approach is a bit more difficult as more HTML knowledge is required. The Publisher has the advantage of having more functionalities, as it has been developed for many more years than its newer counterpart. For the full documentation on creating templates with Publisher you can consult the article below.

Videos and GIFs

Videos and GIFs are a good way to capture the attention of your users, but are not always properly supported by email clients. See the article on videos and GIFs for tips on how to use video that looks beautiful in every email client.

More information

With Copernica you can make beautiful campaigns, simple or complicated. Think about things like personalization, followups for automating your campaign and videos and GIF's. For instructions, tips and ideas you can consult the articles below.