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Property twitter

The twitter property is optional and is created only if twitter is selected as platform in the share block and a hashtags or via value is added to twitter. The property value should be a nested JSON object. The following table lists all its sub-properties:

Twitter sub-properties

Property Value Description
hashtags array An optional comma-separated list of hashtag values (without the preceding # character), which allows easy discovery of Tweets by topic.
via string An optional Twitter username to associate with the Tweet, such as your site's Twitter account. The provided username will be appended to the end of the Tweet with the text "via @username".


The following input JSON shows a twitter basic usage in a share block:

    "from" : "",
    "subject" : "Email with a share block",
    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type"      : "share",
            "label"     : "Tell your friends about us!",
            "align"     : "left",
            "icon"      : {
                "type"      : "rounded",
                "size"      : 32
            "link"      : {
                "url"       : "",
                "title"     : "Post title"
            "description"   : "Optional prefilled text to share",
            "platforms" : ["twitter"],
            "twitter"  : {
                "hashtags"     :   ["responsive", "email", "copernica"],
                "via"          :   "ResponsiveEmail",
        } ]

For more information and more examples, please check the documentation of the share block.