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Opens logfiles

Log files with the prefix "opens" hold information about when your sent messages are opened. You can download the content of these files in CSV, JSON, or XML format using the REST logfiles API or the dashboard. These log files contain the following data in the respective order:

Name Description
id The id of the opened message
time The time of opening (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss formatted)
headers The headers that where used to make the call, separated by newlines
ip The IP address of the system who requested the tracking picture
protocol The protocol of the request (e.g. http or https)
tags The tags of the opened message, separated by semicolons
recipient The recipient of the message
city The city in which the open was generated
countryname The name of the country in which the open was generated
countrycode The code (alpha-2) of the country in which the open was generated
regioncode The code of the region in which the open was generated
templateid The id of the template that is used for the opened message (0 if no template is used or when it is not available)

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