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Webhooks for deliveries

If you set up a Webhook for deliveries, SMTPeter notifies you in real-time about each delivery. For each delivery that we monitor we send a HTTP POST call (HTTPS is possible too) to your server with the relevant information about the delivery.


With each POST call the following variables are passed to your script:

Variable Description
id Unique identifier of the message that was delivered
recipient Email address of the receiver
time Unix time when the message was delivered
timestamp Timestamp when the message was delivered (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
code Status code from the receiving mail server
extended Extended status code from the receiving mail server
description Server message from the receiving mail server
type Type of action that triggered the Webhook ('delivery')
tags The tags that you associated with the mail

The 'id' and 'recipient' and 'tags' variables allow you to link the incoming bounce to the original outgoing message that was sent.


As described above, this Webhook is executed after each delivered message. This can cause a huge load to your server.

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