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The In Situ component of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Services (CMEMS INSTAC) comprehends 7 production units:

  1. Global
  2. Artic
  3. Baltic
  4. Mediterranean
  5. North West Shelf
  6. Black Sea
  7. Iberia-Biscay-Ireland

All those production units package in situ data products in netCDF format that are distributed from CMEMS ftp portal (NRT & REP) and organized in 3 different directories (*):

  • history (long series of observations: one netCDF per platform)
  • monthly (latest 5 years of observations: one netCDF per year&month&platform)
  • latest ( latest 30 days of observations: one netCDF per year&month&day&platform)

(*) REP data products are distributed just in one (history).

The objective is facilitate the final user access either to large datasets (history), shorten ones (monthly) or just fresh ones (latest); being then up to the user which one targeting (i.e history directory for climate change monitoring; monthlly or latest for model validation etc).

Additional organization is setup for monthly and history directories, where netCDFs are in turn grouped by platform category:

  1. Moorings
  2. Drifters
  3. Vessels
  4. Profilers-Gliders
  5. Etc

For managing purposes, next to each of these folders can be found an index file that maps their content:
  • history_index.txt - history directory
  • monthly_index.txt - monthly directory
  • latest_index.txt - latest directory

Every line of those index files (history_index.txt, monthly_index.txt,latest_index.txt) points to each one of the netCDFs contained within its asociated directory by specifying:

  1. catalog_id
  2. file_name
    • common:

      • region bigram
      • data type format: TS (timeserie) or PR (profile)
      • data sources: CT, BO, RF, MO, DB, DC, TE and more
      • platform code
      • NetCDF file name suffix (.nc)
    • directory-dependent:

      • platform category (lates & history)
      • timestamp: YYYYMMDD (latest),YYYYMM (monthly)
      • optional subsetting code (history)
      • fixed name (latest)

  1. geospatial_lat_min
  2. geospatial_lat_max
  3. geospatial_lon_min
  4. geospatial_lon_max
  5. time_coverage_start
  6. time_coverage_end
  7. provider
  8. date_update
  9. data_mode
  10. parameters

For non-interactive in situ dataset download, looping over the lines of the index files is advisable.