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Installation + Usage

Dependencies are:

To run the lemonbar, simply run the included script.

Because i3ipc likes to crash sometimes, the bar might freeze from time to time (this seems to happen disproportionately on X startup). If this happens, simply run the included lb-restart script. On much more rare occaisions, all of i3 will freeze. I am not sure if this is related to the bar or not, but in case it is, I'll note here that the best way to fix this is to open a separate TTY terminal on your machine (Ctrl+Alt+F2, for example), log in, and kill the i3 process.


This Lemonbar setup is by GitHub user electro7. I've made several personal changes to get my system and theme, but you should check out his original repo if you're interested in using for your own system. It is located here: