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copperegg - CopperEgg collector

Copyright 2012,2013 IDERA

This Puppet module will install the Uptime Cloud Monitor collector on your servers.

It also contains a simple type and provider for installing and managing RevealUptime Probes.


  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. You can obtain and install this module from Puppet Forge: 'puppet module install CopperEgg-copperegg'. Alternatively, clone this Github package, and copy the release tarball to your puppet master. Then install the release package as follows: 'puppet module install /path-to-tarball/CopperEgg-copperegg-1.0.3.tar.gz'.
  3. Include the copperegg class to nodes that you want to monitor, e.g., in your site.pp file.
  4. Login to Uptime Cloud Monitor and you should see your systems being monitored within 20-30 seconds.


node default {
  class { 'copperegg':
    api_key => 'YOUR_API_KEY',
    label => 'SERVER_LABEL[obtional]',
    tags => 'tag1, tag2[optional]'

Creating a probe

To create a RevealUptime probe use the revealuptime_probe resource:

revealuptime_probe { "":
  ensure      => present,
  description => "This is a test probe.",
  apikey      => 'abcdef123456',

Removing a probe

revealuptime_probe { "":
  ensure  => absent,
  description => "This is a test probe.",
  apikey  => 'abcdef123456',


Brett Maton James Turnbull

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