An intermediate example of the Event Handling subsystem in .NET.
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An intermediate example of the Event Handling subsystem in .NET.


I created this example for my CodeMentor students studying the .NET event system.

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###Getting Started:

  1. Clone or download the source code
  2. Open the solution in Visual Studio
  3. Make sure that the Console app is set as the startup project
  4. Press F5 to build and start the project

A console window will open and the program will execute. The application has three separate phases:

  • Raise all events in EventSender without hooking any events in EventReceiver
  • Hook all EventSender events, then raise all EventSender events
  • Unhook some EventSender events, then raise all EventSender events

The output indicates the chronological order in which the events are fired and received.

###Walkthrough: Console App Just runs the application - Creates an EventSender and EventReceiver and calls the EventReceiver.DoWork() method.

EventSender: Has a DoWorkThatRaisesEvents method that triggers the sequential raising of all events exposed by EventSender.

This class:

  • Illustrates different implementations for publishing events
    • Simple notification
    • Simple notification with strongly-typed data
    • Simple notification with application-specific delegate and EventArgs
    • Basic best practices when publishing events

EventReceiver: Has a DoWork method that executes the DoWorkThatRaisesEvents method multiple times, with events hooked and unhooked.

This class:

  • Illustrates the concepts behind subscribing to events
    • Programmatically subscribing to events
    • Programmatically unsubscribing from events
    • Attaching multiple handlers to the same event

###Topics Illustrated in This Example:

  1. Delegates
  • Built-in .NET EventHandler and EventHandler delegates
  • Custom delegates in the context of the events subsystem
  1. Events
  • Publishing events
    • Using built-in .NET EventHandler and EventHandler event signatures
    • Using custom delegate event signature
  • Subscribing and Unsubscribing from events
  • Passing data with Events
    • Built-in .NET EventArgs payload
    • Custom POCO DTO
    • Custom EventArgs implementation