An open-source IDE for game development.
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A lot of things happened since I started this project and I don't really use pygame any more. Also, new programs like Atom or Godot made this IDE obsolete. I think that a set of Atom plugins will make more sense than coding the whole thing all over again. But after testing other engines/frameworks I do not recommend making games with Python due to its poor performance. Thanks to everyone that contributed and supported the project, it was a great experience for me. See you around!

Stellar IDE



Stellar is an open-source IDE for game development using Python.
The goal is to have a program to design your own games using easy-to-learn and different easy tools for beginners and professionals.
You are free to distribute the games you create with Stellar in any way you like. You can even sell them.
This of course assumes that the sprites, images, and sounds you use can be distributed or sold as well.


On Ubuntu based:
$ sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-qt4 pygame

On OSX you can install PyQt4 with homebrew:
$ brew install qt
$ brew install sip
$ brew install pyqt
if this doesn't work you can follow this tutorial

On Windows based:
Download and install the dependencies listed above. Be sure to install the Python 2.x versions, not Python 3 versions.


To run Stellar (Windows/Ubuntu/OSX), from your command line go to (cd) into the Stellar folder, and then run:
$ python
On windows you might be able to just double click the file and the program will startup.


If you don't know how GitHub contributing works see our tutorial guide.

I'm currently using a Trello board to track the task I'm doing. If you want access to it feel free to drop me a line at

Our contributors here:

You can talk with us on freenode IRC #stellarIDE

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