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Flight Controller designed for SAR operations
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Flight Controller based on K20DX256 (Teensy 3.1), forked from cTn

PIN setup Teensy 3.1 pin numbering:

  • I2C SCL 19

  • I2C SDA 18

  • SUMD RX1 ( Receiver, 115kBaud ) 0

  • Alternative PPM/PWM 3

  • BT RX2 9

  • BT TX2 10

  • GPS RX3 7

  • GPS TX3 8

  • Sonar 11

  • Sonar 12

  • UMon 14

  • UMon 15

  • LED Stripe White 2

  • LED Stripe Red 4

  • LED Stripe MultiColor 6 ?

  • LED Internal 13

  • Rotor 1 22

  • Rotor 2 23

  • Rotor 3 20

  • Rotor 4 21

  • Battery Monitor (current sensor) 17

Filters, kinematics, data handling

  • Initial raw data from sensors (read every 1ms = 1000Hz) is being averaged by a simple averaging filter
  • Averaged data from sensors are being processed every 10ms (100Hz)
  • CMP kinematitcs (my own) selected by default
  • ARG kinematics (from aeroquad) is also supported (can be enabled by simple include change)
  • DCM kinematics (from FreeIMU)
  • Flight controller supports
    • Rate (ACRO) | gyro only
    • Attitude | gyro with accel corrections
    • Altitute hold | barometer or sonar
  • Pilot commands are being read via single PIN (with HW timer or USART), PPM, PWM and SUMD in is supported
  • Stabilization and pilot commands are mixed together by 2 separate PID controllers
    • First (only used in attitude mode) mixes pilot commands with kinematics output
    • Second (used in both attitude and rate mode) mixes output from first PID or raw stick input with gyroRate output
  • For ESC signal output i am using an build in 8 channel FLEX timer (yes you can controll octocopter with this)
    • ESC PWM signal supports both 250Hz and 400Hz update rate (running at 400Hz by default)

Acc and Gyro init with MultiWii like stick commands

Accelerometer offset trimming via TX

  • While in dis-armed state
  • To enter the trimming mode = Throttle stick UP & Rudder RIGHT
  • To adjust the values = PITCH UP & DOWN || ROLL LEFT & RIGHT
  • To save the values in EEPROM = Throttle UP & Rudder LEFT
    • (you dont have to save the values right away, you can test them, then return back to trimming mode and save them)
  • To leave trimming mode = Throttle stick DOWN
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