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Formalization of a model structure on the universe of Types in Coq
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Emulation of HTS in Coq

In this repository, you can find the emulation of two HTS-like system in Coq.

  • the first one (in directory MLTT2) is very close to the original HTS system [1] or to the one presented in [2]

  • the second one (in directory MLTT2F) use a finer notion of fibrancy, which allow to add a fibrant replacement

[1] Vladimir Voevodsky. A simple type system with two identity types. Unpublished notes,, 2013.

[2] Thorsten Altenkirch, Paolo Capriotti, and Nicolai Kraus. Extending homotopy type theory with strict equality. Computer Science Logic, 2016, Marseille, France.


  • This development compiles with Coq8.5
  • To compile simply run
    • ./configure to produce the Makefile
    • make to compile

Plugin Myrewrite

To emulate HTS, we use a private inductive type to define path identity types, so that we can't destruct a path equality without checking the fibrancy condition.

Unfortunately, there is a bug and the rewrite tactic allow "escape" the private inductive type. When we use it for the first time it generates a lemma paths_internal_rew which is used to rewrite but which is proved by matching over the path equality. To circumvent that, we define a plugin to explicitly specify which lemma use to rewrite instead of paths_internal_rew. See also comments in Overture.v for some details.

Another drawback of the private inductive type is that it breaks some tactics, and especially destruct. To solve this problem, we defined a tactic destruct_path which revert all hypothesis depending on the equality considered, apply paths_ind, and then reintroduce the reverted hypothesis.

Coq dpd-graph

To generate dependency graphs of the development you will need Coq dpd-graph, at least this commit. Opam version should be working.

Description of files

Common to MLTT2 and MLTT2F:

  • Overture.v contains basic definitions and notations (sigma types, ...) and the definition of a strict equality

  • Strict_eq.v contains some facts about strict equality (transport, equality of pairs, ...)

  • Category.v contains the definition of categories and model structures

In each directory MLTT2 and MLTT2F:

  • Overture.v contains the definition of fibrancy, the fibrancy rules and the definition of path equality

  • Path_eq.v contains facts about path equality

  • Equivalences.v contains the definition of type theoretic equivalences

  • Cylinders.v contains the definition of cylinders

  • Model_structure.v contains the definition of fibrations, cofibrations, ... and the fact that they form a model structure

Only in MLTT2F:

  • Fibrant_replacement.v contains the definition of the fibrant replacement
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