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Technical Documentation for PrimerPeso
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Introduction to PrimerPeso

##What is it? This is a technical documentation for PrimerPeso, the 2014 Code for America Puerto Rico fellowship team application. In this Gitbook you will find everything you need to know about what is it, which technology is built on, how to fork it, how to upload and erase a profile, the design palette, how to maintain it, how much it cost to maintain it and much more.

##Why this documentation is important? Team Puerto Rico at Code for America created this gitbook to share all needed documentation to run the application once the fellowship is over.


  • Step 1: What is it?

  • Step 2: Users

  • Step 3: Technology used and built on

  • Step 4: How to get started?

  • Step 5: The Design style Guide to keep it updated

  • Step 6: Environments

  • Step 7: Integrate PrimerPeso in current systems

  • Step 8: Hosting and other Costs

  • Step 9: Questions?

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