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A customizable and simple-to-use Yii calendar extension
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A customizable and simple-to-use Yii calendar extension

You can download this extension right from here, or find it on the Yii extensions page here.

To Use

  1. Place the unzipped flowing-calendar folder into your extensions folder
  2. Initialize the calendar widget where you like inside of a view file: $this->widget('ext.flowing-calendar.FlowingCalendarWidget');
  3. You can pass the widget arguments and specify a default month and year like so: $this->widget('ext.flowing-calendar.FlowingCalendarWidget', array("month"=>01, "year"=>1999));
  4. You can also add custom styling to it by writing your own css file (using the included one as a guide) and specifying your new filename with the style argument like: $this->widget('ext.flowing-calendar.FlowingCalendarWidget', array("month"=>01, "year"=>1999, "style"=>"newCss"));

By using multiple CSS files and specifying the style in the widget parameters, you can have multiple calendars each styled differently, all residing on the same page!

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