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Coding Guidelines

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This page lists the CORAL coding guidelines. It’s shared between all modules, so these rules apply for all of them.

issue # & pull request

Any pull request must be related to an issue. In the 1st line of the commit message, please add “(issue #nnn)” at the beginning of the message. For example : “(issue #23) Fixes this and that”. Ideally, the message is the same as the title of the issue.

Database update

  • When a patch is submitted that requires a DB change, the changes must be provided in a separate SQL file.
  • When merged into the master repository, the DB change file is appended to the update_NEXT.sql file by the merger.
  • before releasing a new version, the update_NEXT.sql file will be renamed to update_.sql


For the translation you must think to use the next syntax to help the translation will be more easy:

  • For the code PHP: _("string PHP to traslate")

    If you want translate the string “Hello”, you can do this: <?php echo _("Hello"); ?>

  • For the code JavaScript: _("string JavaScript to translate")

    Example: alert(_("There are some errors"));

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