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A Ruby server for terminal-notifier
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Synack is a client/server wrapper for that allows arbitrary messages to be sent to Mac OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center.

Note that Terminal Notifier must be installed in your Applications directory for Synack to work properly.

To start synack:

synack -s

To send a message to your local Notification Center:

synack "Watson, come here, I need you."

You can send messages to remote machines by specifying a host and port in the client:

synack -h my_remote_machine -p 1013 "I'm here, what did you want?"

You can use UNIX pipes to send messages (first line of input only, for now):

echo 'Foo to you, sir.' | synack

You can even invoke it from within a Ruby or Rails application:

def log_remote_event(event_name) => '').say("Event #{event_name} captured")
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