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Streamdeck plugin to drive Keyboard Maestro

What it does

The action's plugin get list of all macros in Keyboard Maestro. Then select a macro in the list to execute it via Streamdeck action.

KMLink Preview


KMLink is now available in the StreamDeck Plugin Store.

But you can still install it manually.

Download the plugin : here

Open(double click ;-) ) com.corcules.kmlink.streamDeckPlugin file.


  • Stream Deck 4.1 or later
  • macOS 10.11 or later
  • Keyboard Maestro 8 or later


Use "KMLink" custom action.

Configuring the StreamDeck Action Key :

  • Choose a Keyboard Maestro macro to execute in the "Macro" menu. This menu shows all macros available in your Keyboard Maestro.
  • The menu list is refreshed every time you open key configuration panel. Anyway, you can manually refresh the list by clickng on the reload button accross the menu list.
  • Optionally add an execution parameter for the macro. see