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How to make .po files up to date with the current sources?

  1. intltool-update -m
        This will check for missing or unavailable files.
        Missing files are list in 'missing' file and unavailable files in
        'notexist' file.
  2. intltool-update --pot
        This creates a pot file.
  3. make merge
        Will update all the locale files.

How to add a new locale?

  1. xgettext -fPOTFILES --foreign-user -C -onew.po -k_
  2. edit first line: add your locale to the "languages" variable

How to add a new source file that contains gettext macros?

  1. edit POTFILES and add your file there (or check with intltool-update -m)
  2. make merge
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