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The CoreASM Modeling Framework

CoreASM is an open source project that focuses on offering a lean executable ASM (Abstract State Machines) language, in combination with a supporting tool environment for high-level design, experimental validation and formal verification (where appropriate) of abstract system models.

CoreASM offers a rich ASM language with a formally defined semantics that is faithful to the original semantics of ASM and is the first ASM tool that explicitly supports distributed ASM computation models with custom scheduling policies. The extensibility of its language and modeling environment, the most significant feature of CoreASM, provides utmost flexibility for extending its language definition and execution engine in order to tailor it to the particular needs of virtually any conceivable application context. CoreASM is one of the few ASM tools that is implemented as an open framework.

CoreASM can be used in differnt forms: it offers a modeling framework, it can be viewed as a tool suite with different tools it offers around the engine, while the engine itself can be used as an stand-alone tool (using its command-line or Eclipse plugin UI).

What is Carma?

Carma is a command-line CoreASM Engine driver. It runs CoreASM specifications using a CoreASM Engine and offers control over the engine.

How is it related to CoreASM on SourceForge?

These are the same projects. At some point in 2013 we have stopped maintaing the code on sourceforge and started moving the repository to github.

How To Build CoreASM?

You can build the CoreASM core projects using Maven. Just run the following command in org.coreasm.parent project:

mvn clean install

To build/update eclipse project files, run:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

A detailed manual how to setup an Eclipse based development environment for CoreASM can be found in our wiki .

The Latest Version

Latest released versions of Carma, CoreASM Eclipse and the CoreASM Engine can be found on github. Older versions can be found on the CoreASM Project web site


Both the Carma project and the CoreASM Engine project are licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0 which is available from either of these web pages:

Thanks for using Carma.

The CoreASM Development Team 2005-2013