@adamg88 adamg88 released this Aug 6, 2018 · 1093 commits to master since this release

Assets 14



  • fixed playback of 29.97/59.94 fps interlaced content
  • fixed playback of 3D content
  • fixed VC1 playback and seeking
  • fixed HEVC playback and seeking
  • fixed MPEG2 playback
  • fixed issue where decoding would change from HW>SW
  • fixed BD chapter seeking
  • fixed no PCM audio
  • fixed rewind on Live TV
  • fixed timeshift with TVH HTSP client addon
  • fixed Live TV channel switching delay
  • fixed various DVB drivers and firmware
  • fixed meson-ir timeouts
  • fixed missing dependency error when installing addons
  • fixed keyboards/ mice incorrectly identified as joysticks
  • fixed reboot to internal
  • fixed automatic updating of DTB's


  • added hardware decoding support for Khadas VTV board
  • added device trees for S905W and Q201 (Gbit) devices
  • added KVIM fan service
  • added option to disable Amlogic noise reduction **
  • added option to disable Amlogic deinterlacing **
  • added option to disable pass-through for DTS-HD HRA **
  • added support for more DVB drivers and firmware
  • added aml-vnc server addon
  • added hyperion.ng addon
  • added hyperion GE2D kernel patches
  • added kernel support for IPSec VPN
  • added kernel fixes from OSMC to amports
  • added interlace/progressive to player info screen ***
  • added support for PS3/4 controllers
  • added install to internal support
  • added reboot from internal support
  • default Kodi resolution set to 1080p


  • updated DVB firmware
  • updated u-boot for Odroid C2
  • updated Crazycat and Hauppauge drivers


* OpenVFD driver requires additional configuration available from here and OpenVFD addon available in CoreELEC addons repo to work.
** These options can be changed from the CoreELEC settings menu which will only be visible when expert mode is enabled.
*** Only visible with Estuary skin