A plugin for Atlassian JIRA 7 bringing CoreFiling/reviki's rendering engine
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JIRA Reviki Plugin

This plugin brings the Reviki wiki syntax to JIRA, allowing comments and the like to be written using it. A CSS file providing the default JHighlighter styles is also included.

Running in the development environment

Clone this repo to the same place as the JIRA installation, e.g.,

  - amps-standalone/
      - ...
  - jira-reviki-plugin/
      - ...

You can then cd into the clone and run it, after first pulling in the renderer jar,

cd jira-reviki-plugin


atlas-mvn package

The plugin is now available at target/reviki-renderer-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.

Integration with Confluence

Confluence in Reviki

By default, this also renders Confluence style [single square brackets] links, in addition to Reviki-style [[double square brackets]] links.

In order to disable this behaviour, see the plugin configuration (accessible through the admin panel).

Reviki in Confluence

This plugin also provides a Confluence macro, {reviki}, for rendering a block of markup with Reviki syntax, for example:

{reviki}**bold //italic --strike--//**{reviki}

Regular _Confluence_ markup.


This plugin is made available under the Apache 2.0 license, because Reviki is and so it seemed convenient.