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Super-lightweight library for building modular frameworks
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Installing CoreJS: single file

CoreJS is available in GitHub and via Bower:

bower install corejs


Include core.js into your HTML page and specify the path to your main module as the data-main attribute:

<!-- index.html -->
<!-- ... -->
<script data-main="js/main.js" src="bower_components/corejs/core.js"></script>
<!-- ... -->

main.js in its turn can have any require() calls that load all other modules, e.g.

/* main.js */
var moduleA = require('module-a'), // loads js/module-a.js
    util = require('folder/util'), // loads js/folder/util.js
    _ = require('bower_components/underscore/underscore');

All paths are resolved from your main module path, in this example it is js/

Installing CoreJS: with Components and example application

Cloning the repo and installing all NPM and Bower modules

git clone CoreJS && cd $_
npm install
bower install --dev

Starting the application

grunt serve

Making the production build

Example application comes with the compile task that takes all required modules and creates a build:

grunt compile

Deploying is simple as well:

grunt deploy

The deploy location is configured in Gruntfile.js

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