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Studio Hub has been renamed to Content Hub!

CoreMedia Content Hub



The CoreMedia Content Hub allows to integrate various external and asset management systems into the Studio library and to preview items of these systems. It allows you to integrate just about any external system or platform into your CoreMedia system. The Content Hub is implemented as a Blueprint extension.

Terms and Description

Term Description
connector A specific implementation for this extension, e.g. the YouTube or Dropbox connector.
(connector) item A leaf node of an external system representation inside the of the Studio library tree, implemented trough the interface 'ConnectorItem'.
(connector) category A node, folder or collection of other categories and items inside the Studio library tree, implemented trough the interface 'ConnectorCategory'.
(connector) service The service implementation of the connector that implements the retrieval of categories and items.


The release versions of the Content Hub is matching the version of CoreMedia workspace releases. E.g. when the CoreMedia workspace has the version 1804.1, the matching Content Hub release will have version 1804.1-X where 'X' indicates the release version of the Content Hub.


  • Up- and downloading of items
  • Open items in new browser tabs
  • Open items in the corresponding management system
  • Preview of items (including optional conversions before previewing)
  • Metadata preview of items
  • Creation of CoreMedia content from selected items
  • Bulk content creation of CoreMedia content via drag and drop into the repository
  • Drag'n'drop support to content link-lists
  • Drag'n'drop for content to connector categories
  • Support of content write interceptors (Word to article generation)
  • Automatic invalidation after server side changes
  • Change notifications
  • Custom columns
  • Custom link lists

Supported Systems

The given tables shows the list of existing Content Hub connectors and their feature set.

Feature File System S3 Dropbox RSS YouTube CoreMedia Canto Cumulus Cloudinary Navigation Typeform Instagram Scene 7
Content Creation x x x x x x x x - x x x
Preview Support x x x x x x x x x - x x
Metadata Extraction x x x x x x x x x - - -
File Upload x x x - - - x x - - - -
File Download x x x - - x x x - - x x
Invalidation Check - - x x - - - - - - - -
Notifications - - x x - - - - - - - -
Native Drop x x x - - x x x - - - -
Content Drop x x x - - - x x x - - -
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