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ext-doc is a ExtJS-style JavaScript comments processor
by Andrey Zubkov aka oxymoron
ext-doc-2-as is a Jangaroo tweak of the original ext-doc tool that,
instead of generating HTML, generates AS3 API code.
We use the tool to generate an AS3 API for Ext JS (called Ext AS).
Requires Java 1.6 to run.
How to update Ext AS:
1) Download latest ExtJS 3.x source code from Sencha
2) Merge into
3) Create "sample/ext" folder
4) Copy ExtJS source to "sample/ext" (ex.: sample/ext/src/core/Ext.js)
5) Build ext-doc-2-as using ant dist
6) Goto "build/dist/ext-doc-snapshot/sample/" and run "ext-doc.(bat|sh)"
("build/dist/ext-doc-snapshot/output" directory will be created)
7) Copy "build/dist/ext-doc-snapshot/output/output" to jangaroo-libs/ext-as:
* "output/ext/config" to "src/main/joo"
* "output/ext/*" (but not config) to "src/main/joo-api"
8) Check the resulting diffs!
9) Commit changes into jangaroo-libs
If you change the tool rather than update to latest Ext JS documentation,
just leave out steps 1) and 2) and use source from ext-js-doc-fixes as-is.
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