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<macrodef name="gpg">
<attribute name="todir" />
<attribute name="file" />
<exec executable="gpg" dir="@{todir}">
<arg line="-ab @{file}" />
<macrodef name="sonatype-bundle">
<attribute name="dir" />
<attribute name="todir" />
<attribute name="pomTemplate" />
<attribute name="artifact" />
<attribute name="type" />
<attribute name="name" />
<attribute name="version" />
<attribute name="description" />
<element name="includes" />
<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml"/>
<!-- Create POM from template -->
<copy file="@{pomTemplate}" tofile="@{todir}/pom.xml" />
<replace file="@{todir}/pom.xml">
<replacefilter token="@ARTIFACT@" value="@{artifact}" />
<replacefilter token="@TYPE@" value="@{type}" />
<replacefilter token="@NAME@" value="@{name}" />
<replacefilter token="@VERSION@" value="@{version}" />
<replacefilter token="@DESCRIPTION@" value="@{description}" />
<!-- Sign all files using GPG, assumes GPG is installed and configured -->
<for param="fileToSign">
<fileset dir="@{todir}">
<includes />
<gpg todir="@{todir}" file="@{fileToSign}" />
<!-- Zip into bundle for manual upload -->
<zip destfile="@{todir}/sonatype-@{artifact}-@{version}.zip">
<zipfileset dir="@{todir}">
<includes />
<include name="*.asc" />
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