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Jangaroo IDEA Plugin Wiki


Welcome to the Jangaroo IDEA Plugin Wiki. Here, you find all information about the IDEA Plugin dedicated to integrating Jangaroo into IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE by JetBrains that started as a Java IDE, but in the meantime supports many other languages, among them AS3. IDEA Ultimate Edition offers many convenient features you need for Jangaroo development:

  • AS3 language support
  • Maven integration
  • JavaScript debugging (Firefox and Chrome)

We have created dedicated Jangaroo IDEA plugins to complement Jangaroo support in IDEA. Because of these plugins, IDEA is currently the recommended choice for professional Jangaroo development.

Note that AS3 and extended Maven support are only available in IDEA’s commercial Ultimate Edition, not in the free Community Edition. However, you can download a 30 days trial version of Ultimate Edition, purchase it, or contribute to Jangaroo and, upon request, share the free license JetBrains has kindly donated to the Jangaroo project for Open Source development.

Jangaroo Tools Overview

Jangaroo Tools currently consist of two main aspects:

  • ActionScript-to-JavaScript compilation
  • Ext AS / EXML-to-ActionScript compilation

The first aspect can be combined with the JooFlash library to port Flash applications to HTML5.
The second aspect is an approach to develop Ext JS applications in ActionScript and XML.

While we used to provide a separate IDEA plugin for Ext AS development, we later decided to combine both aspects into a single plugin. This makes installation easier for Ext AS developers and does no harm to “pure” Jangaroo developers, as they just do not use the additional Ext AS features. However, we still document the common features and the additional Ext AS features separately:

Outdated Jangaroo IDEA Plugins

There now is one consolidated plugin in the JetBrains Plugin Repository called Jangaroo 0.9 that can be used to work with any 0.9.x, 1.0.x, and 2.0.x Jangaroo Tools release.

CoreMedia customers who still use older versions (CM6 / Studio 1.x) can access an archive of all available Jangaroo IDEA plugins.

Important: Please uninstall all outdated Jangaroo and EXML IDEA plugins before installing “Jangaroo 0.9”.

Release Notes

See Release-Notes.

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