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Latest commit 46fa027 Mar 14, 2016 @fwienber fwienber Merge pull request #36 from ProgramMax/upgrade-apache-commons-collect…

Upgrade Apache Commons Collections to v3.2.2
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asdoc-scraping Oops, these TODOs did not belong here. Apr 6, 2011
exml Also treat NaN as a stand-alone constant. Jan 12, 2016
jangaroo-maven Use no-fork goal for maven-source-plugin Mar 10, 2016
jangaroo-tools-api [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Nov 27, 2015
jangaroo repair unit tests Jan 12, 2016
joodoc moved parent stuff to jangaroo-tools and removed parent Jul 17, 2008
src/site git push test 3 Sep 22, 2010
.gitignore also ignore .idea directory Jun 27, 2012 fixed the url Nov 5, 2010
create-tools-src-zip.xml added /pom.xml and removed /parent project Jul 17, 2008
pom.xml towards an analysis tool for cyclic dependencies Jan 5, 2016