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The Jangaroo Compiler

Jangaroo's central tool is the ActionScript-3-to-JavaScript compiler jooc. It takes source code written in a subset of ActionScript 3 and translates it into JavaScript 1.x that is understood by current browsers and other JavaScript engines like Rhino.

The compiler can generate debuggable code that is very similar to your ActionScript 3 source code, or deployment code that is more compact. We provide a Maven plug-in, a command line version, and an Ant task to help you integrate the compiler into your build process.

A small runtime written in JavaScript takes care of interpreting the concise compiled class format.

The Jangaroo tutorial helps you to use the compiler via Maven.

Maven Plugin

The recommended way to include the Jangaroo compiler into the build process of your project is through the Jangaroo Maven plugin.

Command Line

The compiler can be invokes directly from the command line. A number of options controls the compilation.

Ant Task

An integration of the Jangaroo compiler with the Ant build system is available.