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Jangaroo Language

The Jangaroo language is a subset of ActionScript 3. ActionScript and JavaScript are quite similar, so programming Jangaroo is easy to learn for ActionScript developers as well as JavaScript programmers.

Here, you find all the details about the Jangaroo language:

  1. Why ActionScript 3? -- Find out why we chose ActionScript 3 as the programming language for JavaScript "programming in the large"!
  2. Jangaroo for Native Speakers of ActionScript -- Jangaroo is a subset of the ActionScript 3 language.
  3. Jangaroo for Native Speakers of JavaScript -- Assuming that you already know JavaScript, there is nothing you need to forget and only a few things to learn before using Jangaroo.
  4. Limitations on ActionScript 3 -- There are a few remaining limitations of the implemented ActionScript 3 features.
  5. Syntax -- The Jangaroo syntax extends JavaScript 1.x and is a subset of ActionScript 3. It is defined by a context-free grammar.
  6. Operators -- The operator precedence of Jangaroo follows the rules of JavaScript.