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The Jangaroo Project

The Jangaroo compiler has initially been created at CoreMedia AG, Hamburg. It has been successfully used as an internal development tool when building several Web frameworks and applications (for instance for the WebEditor, a Web application for content entry; for a toolkit that embeds editing operation into the website preview; for interactive content applications; for the presentation layer of CoreMedia's web analytics suite).

CoreMedia has been a long time user of several open source libraries and it was about time to step up the involvement in open source beyond occasional contributions to the used libraries. Therefore, the compiler was finished up, documented, and put into a robust build and deployment infrastructure and a controlled release cycle. It is now ready for public release. Continued improvements on the quality and features set will eventually lead to a 1.0 version.

Hopefully, the Jangaroo toolset is as useful for you as it is has been for CoreMedia. Any feedback is welcome!

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