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This is a fairly straightforward port of gl-matrix.js (
from JavaScript to C.
To compile and install on UNIX systems, run from your terminal:
sudo make install
The library will be installed under /usr/local/lib and the headers at
/usr/local/include. If you need to install it elsewhere, just edit the Makefile.
To use the library after installation, include the gl-matrix.h file:
#include <gl-matrix.h>
And use the -lgl-matrix flag on your compiler:
clang -lgl-matrix main.c
If you want to include this library directly in your IDE project (it's probably
the easiest way to get this working on Windows w/ Visual Studio) you can simply
copy all the .c and .h files to your project directory, and add them normally.
Known issues:
- The documentation still uses some JavaScript nomenclature from the original
version of the library.
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