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Table of Contents


Welcome to a Front-End Web Development wiki directed at helping Code Louisville students! To the right, you will see a menu with a list of links. There will be links for each week that we make a Wiki page for. I will try to get out a new page before class each week.

Pre-Work Review

Before taking this course, your pre-requisite course work should have included:

Don't hesitate to reference these sections from time to time when you need a refresher on a topic. Also remember that you can always reach out to your mentors or check out the channel associated with the night you are taking your course. Additionally, there is a #front-end-discussion channel and a #git-and-github channel.


A link to the syllabus can be found in the Syllabus section of the Code Louisville Student Resources wiki.

Project Requirements

Project requirements can be found on the Project Requirements page of the Code Louisville Student Resources Wiki. Projects are due by noon of the last Friday of the session.

  • May 2020 Session = Noon (EST),Friday, July 31st