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XDP Demo Apps

Testing XDP, on software and on hardware

This repository contains eBPF XDP demo applications.

Most demos can be run on XDP compatible drivers or hardware. Each subdirectory provides instructions for loading the programs in “driver” and/or in “offload” mode. “Driver mode” loads the XDP program into the kernel where the processing is carried out by the host CPU, whilst “offloaded XDP” allows for the program to be run on hardware, such as with the Netronome Agilio® CX SmartNIC.

To enable XDP offload on a Agilio CX, please refer to Netronome eBPF user guides.

List of available demos

The sources for each demo are located in a specific subdirectory.

Application Kernel Required
Layer 4 Load Balancer 4.17
Programmable RSS 4.18
xdpdump 4.18


The libbpf directory is a git submodule and contains libraries required for compiling the samples. To obtain the submodule content, the following git clone command is required:

git clone --recurse-submodules


  • These applications are prototypes and are not suitable for production use.


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